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Continuing Medical Education

The answers to the January 2012 CME test are now online at the link on the bottom of this page.

We are re-launching this service soon. Watch this space for more details.

The questions are based on the review articles and aspects of current management that have appeared in the journal over the last quarter. Satisfactory completion of the questionnaire provides evidence of a thorough knowledge of the content of these review articles.

Online completion through of The Bone & Joint Journal's (BJJ) CME will automatically lead to assessment and the award of any appropriate certificate of completion.

The questionnaire can also be used by those who do not currently need to collect evidence of participation e.g. those who are not required to do so by their national organisation and trainees who are preparing for examinations.

It should be remembered that these questions are really only testing factual knowledge and are quite specific to the articles published in The Bone & Joint Journal (BJJ) over the last quarter. They are not meant to reflect the standard of knowledge required to pass orthopaedic examinations and assessments in any particular country, though we hope that they can still serve a useful and informal purpose in trainee education.