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The London Hip Meeting 2014

10th April 2014

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London


Session 1: An Update on Hip Preservation

Are we getting better at diagnosing FAI and acetabular dysplasia? - Johan Witt

Current place of open hip preservation surgery - Marcus Bankes


Session 2: Primary THR in 2014

Femoral neck fx-ORIF or arthroplasty - George Haidukewych

11 year results of a short anatomic neck preserving system (CFP) - Daniel Kendoff

Collared uncemented prostheses in over 80yr olds - Sarah Muirhead-Allwood

The optimal cementless stem - Robert Barrack

Femoral stem design: the long & short of it - Seth Greenwald

Cemented necks are getting shorter - Moussa Hamadouche

Modular necks in the THR: a worldwide time bomb? - John Skinner


Session 3: A Changing World

SRA: still a viable option (with objective advantages) - Robert Barrack


Session 4: It's Mostly About The Socket!

THA for acetabular fx, early and late - George Haidukewych

Risk stratification to prevent dislocation - Steve Jones

The dysplastic hip: the difficulties of the low DDH - George Macheras

Treatment of high hip dislocation - Carsten Perka


Session 5: Getting It Right For Our Patients

Anterior approach for THA - Kris Corten

Approaches: suit the approach to the patient - Johan Witt

Primary THA head size in primary THA: is bigger better? - Paul Lachiewicz


Session 6: The Metal-On-Metal Issue Is Still With Us

An update on taper junctions - Richie Gill

Can the stem be retained after taper fracture? - John Skinner

Strategy & outcome in revision of ARMD - Steve Jones


Session 8: THR in 2014

The care for intraoperative digital radiography - Robert Barrack

The evolution of complications in the THA - George Macheras


Session 9: Periprosthetic Fractures

The UCS for periprosthetic fractures after joint replacement: bringing them to a new level - Clive Duncan

ORIF for inter-prosthetic and BI femoral fractures: is single plate reconstruction sufficient? - Kris Corten

Revision for periprosthetic fractures - Mathias Bostrom

Cement-in-cement treatment of the so called "burst fractures" that we sometimes see with the Exeter stem - Kris Corten

Fractures of the pelvis after hip replacement: a rational approach - Clive Duncan


Session 10: VTE

Update on VTE prophylaxis: limiting anticoagulant use - Robert Barrack


Session 11: Complex Revision

Modern software and printing in complex revision hip surgery - Steve Jones

Bone loss: bone, metal or both? - Mathias Bostrom

The reconstruction of large bony defects using a combination of TMT-wedges and rings - Carsten Perka

Dual mobility components: art and science in revision - Paul Lachiewicz

Pelvic discontinuity - George Haidukewych

Customised triflange for major acetabular bone loss - Ian Stockley