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The History of Osteomyelitis

Professor Leslie Klenerman
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Bone & Joint present The History of Osteomyelitis, a new book written by Professor Leslie Klenerman

Without a background of the past one can have no perspective of the present. This book tells the fascinating story of the common infections of bone starting with the origin of bacteria, the first form of life, until the present day. It illustrates the key advances in surgery from the removal of sequestra with drilling and open procedures and tells of the horrors of Winnett Orr’s closed treatment in plaster. Major progress was first made by Lister and Pasteur on bacteriology and antisepsis and then about sixty years later by Fleming, Florey and Chain with antibiotics. Nevertheless, the war against staphylococci and mycobacteria continues unabated. This short monograph is a must for all orthopaedic surgeons and trainees and for the layman interested in medical history.


This book is available to purchase for £15.

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