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Patient Safety in Surgery

P. F. Stahel, C. Mauffrey. pp. 532 Springer, 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1447143680

Patient Safety in Surgery is a well thought-out and well-presented book looking at all aspects of surgical safety. 

Edited by orthopaedic trauma surgeons from Denver, CO, the chapter authors are from the USA, Europe and India, and some from fields outside of medicine.

Each chapter starts with a bullet point summary and ends with a useful take-home message on practical ways to improve patient safety.

The chapters cover all stages of a patient’s journey, beginning with the biases that may obscure the diagnosis.  Both technical and non-technical aspects of surgical practice are considered, including quality assessment, the different types of errors, from cognitive to technical, and ‘never events’, as well as looking at the role of communication and accountability in patient safety. Ethical perspectives are covered, as are the viewpoints of patients, their families, and other healthcare workers.  There are chapters on disclosure and reporting of complications, quality improvements, and the roles of research and medical education. 

Interesting case scenarios sum up some of the issues.

This book covers the many steps which go towards a surgical error, many of which are non-surgical, and highlight the importance of the whole patient process. 

This comprehensive guide to an essential topic is clear, concise and easy-to-read, and will be useful to surgeons from junior to senior. 

Reviewed by Ms Sukhdeep Gill