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Orthopaedic Trauma: The Stanmore and Royal London Guide

S. D. Bowling, P. Achan, T. Briggs. pp. 407 CRC Press, 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1444148824

This first edition paperback is in a similar format to its elective companion Operative Orthopaedic Surgery: The Stanmore Guide, with the added input of authors from the Royal London Hospital trauma centre.

Initial chapters focus on principles, complications and fragility fractures with the rest concentrating on individual anatomical areas. These each follow a traditional format of pathology description, injury mechanism, classification, management principles and surgical techniques/approaches. They also cover consent, equipment required and theatre set up, areas often neglected in similar texts.  The optimum approach is given, but the anatomical detail is not as deep one might find in an anatomy text book and this knowledge should be sought elsewhere. The chapters end with ‘Pearls and Pitfalls’ and MCQ and Viva questions for those studying for exams.  

The stated aim of the book is to fall between the two extremes of a simplistic pocket handbook and a book focusing on the minutiae aimed at an expert trauma surgeon. It does strike this balance well, providing a practical guide for the trainee surgeon faced with both common and unfamiliar injuries. There is a United Kingdom focus with various United Kingdom guidelines quoted, but this book translates well for an international audience. It is not a comprehensive trauma manual but should be recommended to registrars/residents for background information and revision purposes. It would also be a useful aide-memoire for more senior surgeons managing cases they are less familiar with.

Review by Mr Sam Heaton