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Ortho Traumapedia

Ortho Traumapedia is useful skeletal trauma pocket resource for surgeons

Many of the most used mobile apps act as concise point of care references to ensure that no key points have been missed. Traditionally, pocket books have filled this space, however the advent of mobile apps has now enabled surgeons to carry vast amounts of information on a mobile device. One such app, available from iTunes and Android Play store enables surgeons to access information related to the management of adult skeletal trauma.

Ortho Traumapedia has been designed by orthopaedic surgeons for orthopaedic surgeons, and provides quick access to a range of useful content related to fractures and dislocations. This quick reference guide allows users to select a particular bone or anatomical region from the home screen. 

Content within the app is categorised into:

  • Facts – A series of concise bullet points describing key anatomy and relevant content including epidemiology and common injury mechanisms.
  • Images – Each condition is usually accompanied by one to two annotated images which highlight relevant anatomy and pathology
  • Classification – Common classification systems to describe a particular injury are described here (often with illustrations). These are not as detailed as those in the similar app ‘Orthoclass’ (which was recently reviewed by BJJ) however they are still a useful addition to help communicate and aid management. 
  • Treatment – This section contains useful information to assist the clinician in making an appropriate management plan including complications and specific operative solutions.

Ortho Traumapedia manages to cover a wide range of skeletal trauma to aid the decision making process with concise content which is often bullet pointed in note form. It is thus not intended to replace a formal trauma text, however it is a useful aide memoire. As such, many junior orthopaedic trainees may find this app a useful companion whilst on call. The only question mark relates to the accuracy of the content, as none of the information is formally referenced. Similarly, the lack of search function means that specific information is not always found quickly, although the straightforward menu layout means that the app is easy to use.

On the whole, Ortho Traumapedia is a useful addition for any clinical doctor who treats fractures. Its concise content and focus on clinical diagnosis and management means it is a useful first line tool. Despite a small cost, this app contains a wealth of useful information in a mobile format, which many orthopaedic surgeons will find a helpful to reference on the go.

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Reviewed by Mr Tom Lewis