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Medical Media Images

Medical Media Images (MMI) launched in 2013, billing their patented image enhancement software as a ‘groundbreaking educational tool’. Their service can be used to convert basic radiographs or MRI/CT slices into one of three different modalities to create a professional image for publication or colour-enhanced illustration for educational purposes. In addition, they offer a medical image library.

The “HD conversion” process offers enhanced image clarity by tweaking sharpness, contrast and exposure. Whilst this can be achieved by users with little training, using many photography programmes, MMI offers the additional advantage of changing the background and removing artefacts, to give a more polished result (image 1).

MMI also offers conversion modalities to enhance images for educational purposes. Their colourisation and 3D conversion processes transform a basic radiograph or scan slice into an impressive and detailed illustration (images 2-3). The service delivers striking results, but it isn’t cheap: about £50 to remove an artefact from a plain radiograph and colourise the image, though the price includes multiple versions. If one wants generic images, one can access their extensive repository for £60 a day or £500 for 300 downloads over the course of a year.

The unique MMI approach to image conversion creates visually appealing images suitable for publication and with huge educational potential. Although their basic conversion process is undoubtedly effective, the cost may turn many towards more conventional image-optimisation software. However, for the one-off image being used in a clinic or as part of a lecture series, their colourisation and 3D conversion services are superb and are probably worth the investment, especially if bought as part of a long-term subscription through a department.

Reviewed by Joseph Lockey, FY1 Doctor