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JointScore App


JointScore 1.6 is an iPhone or iPad application which allows patients or clinicians to quickly complete common scoring systems for a number of joints as well as the spine by simply tapping the answer to each question. The app then automatically moves to the next question, and calculates the final score. From there the patient or clinician can email the score, together with the selected answer to each question, to wherever they wish, or simply close the app to delete the data.

The app is simple to use, though no more sophisticated than described – it does not interact with electronic medical records nor any website, it does not store patient results in a database for tracking over time, it is not HIPPA compliant, it is not encrypted, there are no security features – but it is cheap (US$3), portable and requires no learning. As such it lowers the barriers to using scoring systems as opposed to simply not bothering.

The list of scores is (obviously) not exhaustive, but includes many popular scores, for example, in the hip the clinician-completed score is the Harris Hip Score and the selection of patient-completed scores is the Hip Disability and Osteoarthritis Index; the Oxford Hip Score and the WOMAC Score.

The knee scores include the Knee Society Score, Modified Cincinatti Rating, Tegner Lysholm Knee Score, KOOS and WOMAC.

Spine includes the Vernon & Mior Cervical Spine Score, Back Pain Index, and the Oswestry Low Back Pain Score and Modified Oswestry Low Back Pain Score.

Regions covered are cervical and lumbar spine, hip, knee, foot & ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist.

This is version 1.6, available from iTunes at US$2.99.


The patient and clinician buttons differ slightly with the choice of regions

If the patient selects lumbar spine they are offered a choice of three scores.


In the hip, the patient also has three scores to choose from.


WOMAC score in the hip – the patient simply taps the selected option.


At the end of the process, a score is calculated, and there is the option to email the result.


The email includes the score and the individual answers.


JointScore app on iTunes

Reviewed by Dr Jason Brockwell