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Hip and Pelvis Injuries in Sports Medicine

Edited by Carlos A. Guanche pp. 258 Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-7817-7771-1

This volume gives a complete overview of conditions of the hip and pelvis in athletes. The approach is multidisciplinary, written by well known experts in the sports medicine field, and includes input from physiotherapists and osteopaths. The book contains 25 chapters, the majority of which relate to the hip joint. The role of MRI in diagnosing conditions such as the sportsmen's hernia should not be exaggerated and in experienced hands ultrasound imaging of the inguinal area provides additional support for the diagnosis. There is a danger for the less experienced sports physician to rely too much on imaging and not enough on good history taking and clinical examination. Equally, bone marrow oedema seen on magnetic scans in osteitis pubis is not always clinically significant and is often related to activity. Most of the chapters about hip arthroscopy provide good up-to-date information, although there is repetition of some topics. Most of the chapters include an accurate bibliography, but, unfortunately, there are several citation errors in the chapter dealing with arthroscopic impingement.

Chapters 18 to 25 deal with hamstring injuries, osteitis pubis, sacroiliac joint problems, low back pain in athletes and rehabilitation after arthroscopy. The important overlap with sacroiliac joint problems is discussed; the authors also emphasize the role the sacroiliac joint can have on rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy. Osteitis pubis is analyzed with an extensive literature search, and up-to-date treatment recommendations are suggested.

The sportsmen's hernia is one of the most important differential diagnoses for hip pain in athletes. This chapter is excellent, but the figure showing disorders of the groin is somewhat confusing because identical disorders are listed under different categories. The sportmen's hernia has had too many different names, by which multiple authors have in essence described the same condition.

In summary, this book can definitely be recommended for orthopaedic surgeons and hip arthroscopists who are less familiar with symptoms in sportsmen, for example groin pain, hamstring injuries and osteitis pubis.

E. Schilders

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