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There are a number of frequently asked questions organised into categories below. If you still need help after reading through the relevant questions please contact us.


Registration provides you with a personalised homepage based on your preferences and a 'my account' area.

If you are a subscriber (either an individual or an institutional admin) please select the first option on the registration form and enter your subscription number. This process will also 'activate' your online subscription.

We also welcome registration on our site from non-subscribers. There are two groups of non-subscribers:

  • Users with access via an institution
  • Users with no subscription access at all

The first covers users who have access while inside their institutions IP range (library, medical school, office etc). The second covers users who can only access free content such as abstracts. Neither type of registration provides you with access to paid subscription areas of the site. To get access to these you will need to either order an individual subscription or access from inside your institutions IP range. If you have any problems with institutional IP access please contact your library administrator.