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Fundamentals of Revision Hip Arthroplasty: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment

David J Jacofsky & Anthony K Hedley. pp. 250. SLACK Incorporated, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-1556429521

Fundamentals of Revision Hip Arthroplasty is what is says on the cover: it provides an overview of the basics of assessment, planning and surgery in revision of conventional total hip replacements (it does not cover resurfacing), with an emphasis on simpler cases which non-revision-specialist surgeons may consider operating themselves.

It is a good effort to make a vast and intimidating subject accessible, and it largely succeeds.

The main chapters cover assessment, pre-operative planning, approaches, surgical techniques and implant choices. There are separate chapters on infection and instability.

The initial chapter on assessment is a little too brief, for example there is no mention of Metal Artefact Reduction Sequence MRI, brief mention of CT assessment of implant positioning, and no mention of arthrography or arthroscopy. Some of this is understandable in a book claiming to cover just the fundamentals, but, alas, much of the information is repeated in subsequent chapters, wasting precious print. Assessment of a painful or unstable joint, or an odd-looking radiograph, is firstly the task of the primary surgeon, and I think the target audience would appreciate more depth in this area.

If readers can contain their frustration with the slightly repetitive nature of the brief introductory chapters they will be rewarded with succinct ‘main’ chapters which make clear recommendations on classification systems, approaches, techniques and types of implant from the bewildering array of choices.

I commend this book to joint replacement trainees and consultants performing primary conventional total hip replacements.

The authors are American, but the content is applicable internationally.

I look forward to future editions.

Reviewed by Jason Brockwell