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FRCS Trauma and Orthopaedics Viva (Oxford Specialty Training Higher Revison)

Nev Davies (Author), Will Jackson (Author), Andrew Price (Author), Jonathan Rees (Author), Chris Lavy (Author). pp. 224. OUP Oxford, 2012. ISBN: 978-0199647095

This exciting new book is focused on the viva section of the orthopaedic Fellowship exam in the UK. The authors have identified key topics relevant to the four separate viva tables in the exam, dividing the book accordingly into: Hands and Paediatrics; Basic Science; Trauma; and Adult Pathology sections. The content is presented as viva situations, with a clinical photograph, diagram, or radiograph, followed by a series of questions (with answers) on the topic. The book reads well and could be used by an individual, but is most beneficial in the group revision setting where it provides multiple topics with clear, structured viva scenarios. 

There is an inexhaustible list of possible questions that could come up in the viva, but this book captures many of the core questions in the 77 viva scenarios presented. There is also a list of twenty-two common diagrams which have been drawn and labeled in the appendix, all of which should be familiar to the candidates in the lead up to the exam.

It has been compiled by the Oxford Revision Course team, with insight into the viva exam and the level required to pass. Most readers will, however, require more detailed knowledge, and this book does not profess to provide this. 

The key to passing the viva is developing good technique through working in groups, and this book offers a structured approach to accomplish this. This is a good book, which I am sure will continue to evolve, and become a key revision aid to candidates approaching the FRCS in the UK. 

Reviewed by Andrew Hughes