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FIMS Sports Medicine Manual: Event Planning and Emergency Care

D. McDonagh (ed) pp. 576 Philidelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 ISBN: 978-1582558738

I first heard David McDonagh speak at the Oxford BASEM meeting in 2006. He has worked as a Consultant in A & E at The University Hospital in Trondheim, Norway for many years and has established the Emergency Sports Medicine Research Centre at NTMJ University. He has considerable experience in pre-hospital and event medical management having been Chair of the FIBT Medical Committee and Team physician for the Norwegian Boxing, Nordic Combined, Bobsled and Luge teams. He spoke with great experience and eloquence and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review his book.

Many orthopaedic surgeons are involved in the management of sports injuries, operative on athletes and are associated with sports teams however relatively few look after their teams on match day and even fewer venture onto the field of play. This is a daunting unpredictable environment for which orthopaedic speciality training offers little preparation.

This book is an excellent textbook for anybody who wishes to provide professional team care in this environment. I personally feel the title is slightly misleading, perhaps overemphasising the planning aspect. This should not deter the trainee as the majority of the manual focuses on the emergency care of the injured sportsman on the pitch-side. The planning of event medical care and establishment of protocols is vital for immediate medical care and the prompt transfer to definitive care. Both of these aspects make the book essential reading for anybody in sports team and event care whether you are proving immediate response and recovery from the field of play or the planning aspect done over the years preceding the event.

Sub-titles include:

Planning the Medical Aspects of Sports Events.
Evaluating and treating athlete injuries and illnesses at a sporting event.
The “Return to Play” conundrum.
Sports Medical Equipment and diagnostic tests.

Orthopaedic surgeons will feel they are confident in the management of bone and joint injuries however may be less familiar with the treatment options and decisions in regard to muscular strains, haematomas and contusions. Some may feel that this manual does not cover acute bone and joint injuries in the detail of orthopaedic sports medicine books but it must be remembered that this is an emergency care manual rather than a pure orthopaedic sports medicine text. The vice versa of this is that similar detail is provided for ophthalmic, ENT and abdominal complaints about which this surgeon may benefit from a simple explanation of the key features to be concerned about and those which may require specialist referral and when this is required with emergencies being highlighted. As a Team Physician the surgeon may be also asked about other problems such the acute abdomen, upper respiratory tract infections and infectious mononucleosus. In this way this book is an ideal supplement to advance the orthopaedic trainee’s knowledge in the field of sports medicine.

For the reader more involved in planning and organisation: disaster, mass planning, ambulance, radios, anti-doping, ethics and repatriation are also covered. We all appreciate how important these aspects are but it is great to have a book cover these in a presentable way, which may encourage the reader to consider these aspects of event preparation.

In terms of presentation the book is illustrated superbly with both diagrams and pictures to support the comprehensive written text. The author has written the majority of the chapters from a degree of authority and to a high standard, however it is pleasing to see that other experts have contributed in specialist areas and in reviewing each chapter. These well-respected members of the sports medicine community are acknowledged at the start of each section.

This would be an ideal text to read in preparation for the Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine Examination from the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine. I will recommend this text is added to the reading list for the BASEM Diploma SEM Revision course.

M. Carmont

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