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The Pan-Surgical Electronic Logbook was recently adopted as the official surgical eLogbook of the Royal Surgical Colleges of the UK and Ireland. It will be familiar to UK-based trainees as the structured and comprehensive online database to record operative procedures. Surgeons outside the UK and Ireland can also register for access to the eLogbook to document their own surgical training experience. An eLogbook App designed to work in conjunction with the eLogbook website is now available for both Apple and Android devices.

On entering your regular eLogbook login details the App will automatically synchronise with your existing account. It therefore becomes possible to download your saved profiles including: favourite hospitals; consultants; and operations, to your mobile device. As the App is fully integrated with the main eLogbook any changes made online are reflected on your mobile device when the App is updated.

A particularly helpful feature is that the App retains all the essential features of the original website allowing the user to easily enter the necessary information to record an operation. This is achieved through the simple to navigate interface with multiple choice items and free text. Entries can be made across the surgical specialities, with rapid searching of the database for hospital and operation codes possible.

Where this App excels is the function to record operations in an offline mode when an internet connection is not available. This allows one to enter data into the App immediately following completion of a procedure as normal. When an internet connection is available one simply uploads any saved entries to the eLogbook website. This is done securely and will remove any previously stored entries on the App including patient identifiers.

If there is a minor drawback it is the small annual subscription required to enable uploading to the online database. There is a 14 day free trial period. However, this has to be balanced against the value of an App that works synergistically with the eLogbook to provide a secure and mobile method of maintaining an up-to-date surgical logbook which is exceptionally straightforward to operate and instantly recognisable if you use the primary eLogbook website. 

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Reviewed by Dr Euan Harris