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Current Orthopaedic Practice: A Concise Guide for Postgraduate Exams

Sanjeev Agarwal. pp. 474. TFM Publishing Ltd, 2012. 978-1903378595.

This is not exactly a textbook, nor a summary of recent research, but combines aspects of both in an interesting and readable style. I found this book helpful when preparing for the FRCS examination.

The book is divided into 17 chapters and runs to 447 pages, separated into areas that seem useful to a student of post-graduate orthopaedic exams. Chapters include individual joints, paediatrics, surgical approaches, clinical examination etc. The text is accurate and detail reaches a level appropriate for examinations in the majority of subjects. The text is readable and well-written and chapters follow a logical structure.

The text is in places supported by half-tone illustrations.

What makes this book stand out are the frequent “notes” boxes. Many of the major learning points are supported by the references contained in these, some of which have the take-home message from the paper. This is a useful resource for the prospective viva candidate – the ability to quote a relevant paper is useful.

Overall I found this to be an interesting new format of textbook and a very good first attempt. The illustrations are clear and illuminating, though more would improve the reader’s experience. I suspect that further improvements will be made in the next edition. The book is very useful in preparing for examinations and I would recommend it to any candidate of postgraduate examinations as a second text book. 

Reviewed by Dr Damian Clark, Orthopaedic Trainee