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Foot & AnkleManchester Cadaveric Hindfoot Course
Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 08:00 to 17:30
Stopford Building, Manchester Medical School, Oxford Road, Manchester
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Orthocycle Foundation Charity
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This course uses a state of the art teaching facility with fresh frozen cadavers, which are as close and realistic as you can get to live surgery. Participants are able to perform all the common surgical approaches to the ankle and hindfoot, including anterior and posterior arthroscopy of the ankle. Common surgical procedures such as tendon transfer and fusions will be performed by participants.
The course allocates only two participants per cadaver, which allows excellent hands on experience. There is a high faculty to participant ratio, with an extremely experienced faculty who all have an interest in teaching. The course is now in its fifth year and has excellent feedback from previous participants.
The course fee includes a memory stick with video demonstrations of approaches and surgical techniques unique to the course, as well as the lectures. The course is only £250.
The course is heavily subsidised by industry to make it affordable. The course is run by a charity, so no individual gains financially from the course. Parking and hotels are conveniently located close by and there are excellent travel links.