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TraumaBasics of Emergency External Fixation
Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 08:30 to 17:30
Conference Centre, Manchester Spire Hospital, Didsbury. M20
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Orthocycle Foundation Charity
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This course on the safe application of monolateral external fixation is designed to give participants competence and confidence to apply external fixation for common orthopaedic emergencies. The experienced faculty will guide participants with short lectures, discussion groups and practical workshops through the application of a tibial exfix for open fractures, a pelvic fixator, an A-frame for pilon fractures and a spanning wrist fixator. Plastic surgeons on the faculty will explain how to avoid damaging important structures involved in their surgical flaps.
The course has been run since 2012 and has excellent feedback from previous participants. It has been found useful by Core Trainees and Speciality Trainees alike, and new Consultants may find it useful revision for practice.
We will be using a bespoke conference centre at the new Spire Hospital which has excellent facilities, and lunch and snacks will be provided.
The course is run by a charity and no individual gains financially from the course.
Information is available on the website at