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Complex Primary Total Hip Replacement

SKS Marya. pp.186 Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers 2012. ISBN-13: 978-9350903735

This short book is written by mainly Indian surgeons with much experience in the complex challenges presented by advanced or severe disease as it tends to present in poorer countries.

The seventeen chapters cover primary total hip replacement in: osteonecrosis; tuberculosis; various fractures; post-Girdlestone excision arthroplasty; ankylosing spondylitis; neuromuscular disease; dysplasia; tumour; proximal femoral deformity; protrusio; and rheumatoid arthritis. There is an introductory chapter on exposures and concluding chapters on navigation and on evaluation of the painful THR.


The hardcover book is generally well-presented, with images – except radiographs - in full colour, including many specially-drawn diagrams. The Kindle edition works well on the iPhone.

The editor is based in New Delhi, but authors are drawn from all over India and a few from the UK.

This short book does not aim to be comprehensive, but most chapters present a concise overview, and describe the author’s preferred techniques. In general, widely accepted techniques and implants, for example the the S-ROM device, are recommended.

I recommend this especially for orthopaedic surgeons in developing countries where complex challenges are common, and options more limited. Surgeons in developed countries who rarely see the conditions discussed will find succinct advice to help them decide whether to treat the patient themselves or refer to a specialist centre.

Reviewed by Jason Brockwell