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British Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress 2012

Hosted by the British Orthopaedic Association

Manchester Central Convention Centre, Manchester, UK

11th-14th September 2012

Video Presentation

The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery are pleased to be able to host video presentations from the BOA Annual Congress, 2012. Below is a list of the specialties for which recorded material is available. You can navigate through these specialties to find the presentation, or speaker, that you are looking for.



Filming at the 2012 BOA Annual Congress was kindly sponsored by 





The capsular arthroplasty: an effective but abandoned procedure for young patients with DDH.

Reinhold Ganz [Bern, Switzerland]

 1 - The non arthroplasty hip register (NAHR)

John Timperley [Oxford]

 2 - CT and MRI investigation of hip pain

Sion Glyn-Jones [Oxford]

 3 - Patho-physiology of conditions causing hip pain

Fares Haddad [London]

 4 - The future of joint preserving surgery: a personal view

Richard Field [London]

 5 - Reading plain radiographs of the hip

Tony Andrade [Reading]

 6 - The clinical results: femoral and acetabular osteotomies

Johan Witt [London]

 7 - The clinical results of FAI surgery

Richard Villar [London & Cambridge]

 8 - The role of dGEMRIC and its clinical significance

Tom Pollard [Oxford]

 9 - Clinical results of extra-articular hip surgery

Vikas Khanduja [Cambridge]




 1 - Diaphyseal bone defects: induced membranes and autografts

Steve Mitchell [Bristol]

 2 - Management of diaphyseal bone loss: external fixation options

Hamish Simpson [Edinburgh]

 3 - Diaphyseal bone loss: damage control

Michael Pearse [London]




 1 - UK heel fracture trial: RCT of operative vs conservative treatment of calcaneal fractures

Damian Griffin [Warwick]

 2 - Lisfranc injuries: current practice

John Anderson [Michigan, USA]

 3 - Severely injured hindfoot: initial care and treatment options

Badri Narayan [Liverpool]





Is there a place for joint replacement in the hand and wrist?

Ian Trail [Manchester]

 1 - Acute scaphoid fixation: to fix or not to fix?

Tim Davis [Nottingham]

 2 - Vascularised bone grafting for scaphoid non union

Doug Campbell [Leeds]

 3 - Scaphoid anthropometry and blood supply

Randy Bindra [Chicago, USA]

 4 - Scaphoid screw design

Edward Powell-Smith [Reading]

 5 - The management of scaphoid fractures

Nicholas Goddard [London]




 1 - Trends in SCI management and long term outcomes

Pradeep Thumbikat [Sheffield]

 2 - Assessment and initial management: the management of the spinal cord injured patient

Charles Greenough [Middlesbrough]

 3 - A critical review of the role of spinal surgery in the management of the spinal cord injured patient

Stuart Blagg [Stoke Mandeville]




 1 - Assessment of the soft tissue lump

CLMH Gibbons [Oxford]

 2 - When should I be worried about a soft tissue lump? Clinical

Robert Ashford [Nottingham]

 3 - When should I worry about a soft tissue lump? Imaging

Asif Saifuddin [Stanmore]

 4 - When should I worry about a soft tissue lump? Case discussions

Jonathan Gregory [Manchester]




 1 - Acetabulum - early management

Paul Culpan [London]

 2 - Coordination of the specialties

Martin Bircher [London]

 3 - Pelvic fractures in A&E

Alex Trompeter [London]

 4 - Pelvic ring injuries - first 24 hours

Peter Bates [London]




 1 - Pelvic stress fractures

Roger Hackney [Leeds]

 2 - Metatarsal stress fractures

Mike Carmont [Preston]

 3 - Tibia stress fractures

Mike Allen [Leicester]

 4 - Bone stress reactions: the present and what future?

Angelo del Buono [London]

 5 - Genetics in stress fractures

Fares Haddad [London]

 6 - Non-surgical management of stress fractures

Richard Keen [London]




 Howard Steel Lecture

Garry Herbert [Olympic rowing gold medalist]