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Combined Meeting, Dublin, 2011

Hosted by The British Orthopaedic Association & The Irish Orthopaedic Association

Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland

13-16th September 2011

Video Presentations

The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery are pleased to be able to host video presentations from the Combined Meeting. Below is a list of the sessions for which recorded material is available. You can navigate through these sessions to find the presentation, or speaker, that you are looking for.



The Bone & Joint  presentation of the 2011 Combined Meeting was kindly sponsored by Arthrex  



Hip  Knee  Foot & Ankle
Upper Limb  Spine  Trauma
 Oncology  Research  Children's Orthopaedics





 1 - The challenge of fragility fractures

David Marsh* [London]  

 2 - Current evidence in hip fracture treatment

James Elliot* [Belfast] 

 3 - Secondary prevention in the Republic

Joe O'Beirne* [Waterford]

 4 - NHFD Annual Report: is the Best Practice Tariff working?

Rob Wakeman* [Basildon]

 5 - Genesis of Hip OA and Imaging Articular Cartilage

Sion Glyn-Jones [Oxford}

 6 - Aetiology of hip revision cases performed within the UK: results from the National Joint Registry

BJRF Bolland [Exeter]

 7 - A randomised study of CT based navigation versus freehand hip resurfacing: an analysis of acetabular component orientation

J Cobb [London]

 8 - Measuring cup orientation: using EBRA software underestimates surgical accuracy

J Cobb [London]

 9 - Third generation alumina-on-alumina ceramic bearings in cementless total hip arthroplasty in patients 55 years and younger: a 10 year follow-up

R Chana [Sydney]

 10 - Measuring leg length discrepancy using pelvic radiographs

C Heaver [Dudley]




 1 - Instructional Session: How I do a TKR to achieve the optimal result?: tricks, tips and video presentations

Andrew Port* [MIddlesborough]

 2 - Cohort study comparing Oxford TMK (mobile bearing TKR) with the AGC

J Davidson [Hastings]

 3 - Manipulation under anaesthetic following total knee arthroplasty: does it work and who needs it?

D Cohen [Liverpool]

 4 - Surgically managed knee dislocations: return to function

R Khakha [Frimley]

 5 - The risk of injury to the anterior tibial artery in the posterolateral approach to the tibial plateau. A cadaver study

S Lidder [London; Graz]

 6 - Superficial anterior vasculature and surgical approaches to the knee

DF Russell [Glasgow]

 7 - Incidence of delayed recovery from peripheral nerve block in primary total knee replacement and its influence on length of stay

R Singhal [Crewe]


 Foot & Ankle

 1 - Ultrasound scanning of plantar fascia disease – basis for a new classification

E Ieong [Guildford]

 2 - Platelet-rich plasma is more effective than cortisone for chronic plantar fasciitis

R Monto [Nantucket, USA]

 3 -  Ultrasound-guided dry needling and percutaneous paratenon decompression for chronic achilles tendinopathy 

A Yeo [Chichester]

 4 - Review of clinical and functional outcomes of patients treated for ruptured Achilles tendon using Achillon device

Y Agrawal [Sheffield]

 5 - First metatarso-phalangeal joint arthrodesis using a dorsal Anchorage plate™ and plantar double-compression screw: a prospective, randomised study of 100 patients comparing two methods of joint preparation. Early results

PJ Moroney [Grenoble, France]

 6 - Ankle block in forefoot reconstruction: does timing matter?

VK Singh [Carshalton]

 7 - The saphenous nerve in foot and ankle surgery: its variable anatomy and relevance

D Marsland [Guildford]

 Upper Limb

 1 - History of distal radius fixation and which distal radial fractures should be fixed

Michael Craigen [Birmingham]


 1 - Biomechanical analysis of the evolution of buckling collapse of paediatric spine and its clinical implications

S Rajasekaran [India]

The Hunterian Lecture


 1 - Are we flat footed in our investigation of acute foot injuries?

M O'Flaherty [Belfast]


 1 - Tumours: think once, think twice - and think again

Gary O'Toole [Dublin]

 2 - Improving outcomes in bone sarcomas

Duncan Whitwell [Oxford]

 3 - Local control decisions in extremity osteosarcoma: are we doing it right?

R Pearson [Newcastle-upon-Tyne]

 4 - Three different rare tumours of the hip treated with surgical excision using the Ganz approach

S Gulhane [Glasgow]

 Children's Orthopaedics

 1 - The management of lower limb paediatric deformity

Stan Jones [Sheffield]


 1 - The health equation of sport: the challenge of osteoarthritis 

Fares Haddad [London]

 2 - Generating evidence on thromboprophylaxis in trauma and orthopaedics

Hamish Simpson [Edinburgh]

 3 - Review of undergraduate medical education in T&0 in UK and Ireland

Jimmy Hutchinson [Aberdeen]

 4 - Olympic legacy: An opportunity for orthopaedic research

Fares Haddad [London]

 5 - Assessment of a new undergraduate module in musculoskeletal medicine

John O'Byrne [Dublin]

 6 - The molecular mechanism of ischaemic preconditioning in skeletal muscle cells

C McGuire [Dublin]

 7 - A new technique for the attachment of marker balls to anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction grafts for the purpose of post-operative radiostereometric analysis

A Ashmore [Oxford]